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1,440 Bomb Bags (20 cases of 72) LOUD BOMB BAGS - wholsale lot 1440 (120 DOZEN)

SKU: INKFROG_76241760

Listing is for a wholesale lot of  1,440 TOTAL Bomb bags. You get 20 total display cases. Each display case holds 72 bomb bags. (totals 1,440 bomb bags per order placed)

Take a bomb bag and shake it, Squeeze it, It will start to inflate, throw it right away, and in 5 to 10 seconds later, POP, BAAAAMM!~! A loud POP will scare off all of your friends! \

Please note outer graphics may be different do to constant import changes from factory. 

We have been selling our bomb bags on eBay for 25 years and we have yet to have a customer not love them! A classic fun prank to do!