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12 Shocking Cap Pistol Guns with Flashlight - Prank Shock Gag Joke Gift

SKU: INKFROG_152884442-2

Listing is for a set of 12 TOTAL Shock guns with real working flashlight 

Each Measures 3.5" inches Show off your new toy flashlight gun to your friends by pulling back the hammer to illuminate the real working flashlight, Then when they try for themselves they will automatically assume you pulled back the trigger, Once they squeeze the trigger they get shocked!  Easy to set your victim up! 

Or just leave it out on the table and let the curious victim find out for themselves. Great conversation makers and will have people laughing for hours! 

Comes brand new / case carded / WITH batteries included. Due to constant import changes guns or outer packaging colors may slightly differ from image.

You get a LOT OF FUN with these shock items. See how brave you are and how long you can hold it down. 

This item produces a mild to a strong shock. I say this as it depends on the person on how they handle shocks as everyone will have a different opinion of the strength. For myself I feel it is strong as I tested it on myself one time and have not had the guts to do it  This is a novelty toy and is not meant to hurt you but this is not to be used by small children, the elderly or anyone with a pacemaker.