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144 Itch Itching Powder Funny Gag Prank Joke - Wholesale Display Case

SKU: INKFROG_165997770
  • Listing is for one retail display case of 144 TOTAL packages of Itching Powder
  • Just sprinkle this down someone's back and watch them itch like crazy! A hilarious prank!
  • This classic prank has been around for almost 30 years and why? Because it really works! .
  • Each package contains a small pinch inside of the magical dust fibers.
  • Use sparingly.... a little powder goes a long way so you can do a few pranks on a single package.
  • The more they rub there skin the more it will wind up itching. Or get even more creative and mix some in your girlfriends body lotion bottle!
  • The itch feeling will eventually go away or simply use water to wash off
  • Completely safe organic fibers inside that is non toxic