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21" Large Rubber Chicken Bird Joke Prank Funny Chick Hen Party Gag Gift Dog Toy

SKU: INKFROG_257386550
  • Each order placed is for 1 "Rubber Chicken"
  • A great gag ready to get hatched! This rubber chicken is a timeless classic in the world of joke props.
  • Realistic. 21" long by 5" wide! Be aware there is a lot of cheap inferior knock offs sold online of this item.
  • This is "the original" version. It is a much better and higher quality one vs many that are found online.
  • A classic toy for a child to smile about or for any adult like myself who never wants to grow up : ) Or use it for a dog toy! A total blast to see your dog walking around with it!
  • Please note: This chicken does not squeak or make any noises. If you want a chicken that does squeak and make noises please see our store as we sell many other chicken that do make noises. 
  • Comes brand new factory sealed with tag. Perfect for giving as a gift.