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3 RATTLESNAKE EGGS JOKE Envelope Fake Snake Packs Trick Prank Gag Gift Fun Toy

SKU: INKFROG_165187542

Each order placed is 3 TOTAL Rattlesnake Eggs prank envelope 

Just wind up the metal ring w/ rubber-band all the way, then simply insert in package holding the metal ring down, close envelope and seal. Then simply mail them out with the post office or hand out to someone. When they read it, well curiosity takes over. 

Once opened they hear a LOUD i mean LOUD rattling BZZZZZ noise. Believe me it sounds just like a real rattlesnake! I have done this prank myself to may people and I have yet to ever have someone not drop it. It's a blast and can be used over and over again~! This is a classic prank and has been around for many years.

Envelopes measure 5.5" inches long, comes with all working parts inside to make then rattle, & very well made item. You get 3 TOTAL  per order placed.