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6 COLOR Tiny Hand Finger Trick Realistic Soft Puppet Mini GaG Rock Paper Scissor

SKU: INKFROG_153663524-7

Each order placed is for 6 TOTAL Color Tiny Hands (2 of each kinds shown)

  • You get 6 Tiny Mini Finger Hands - 2 of Each Hand So That 2 People Can Play The Rock Paper Scissors Game Together!
  • Each measures 2 Inches to 2 3/4 Inch Hand-For Kids and Adults - They will mold to any size finger size one size fits all!
  • Each Finger Hands Comes In The Shape of the Classic Hand Game That We All Know and Love
  • Life Like-These Finger Hands Are Made Of SOFT RUBBER-NOT HARD RUBBER So They Feel Real Soft and Kinda Creepy
  • Party Gift-If You are Looking for a Great Secret Santa Gift-Office Party Gift-Stocking Stuffer or Just An Overall Unique Party Gag Gift and Novelty This Is It!
  • Made by GaG, a novelty company known for making high quality novelties.
  • These are a MUCH better grade of quality vs the cheap ones you see online that are of a hard plastic that don't look real. These are a soft fleshy rubber feel to them and look incredibly real.
  • So now you can slap five, fist bump, or show piece sign to your friends and family in creepy style!
  • Each comes brand new with upc tag for resale.