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CASE 72 HAND FINGER PUPPET - Tiny Hands Soft Realistic Magic Trick GaG Joke Toy

SKU: INKFROG_236856939

Each order placed is for 1 wholesale display case of 72 TOTAL Tiny Puppet Hands 

  • A great way to play Rock Paper Scissors!
  • Each measures approx: 2.75" to 2" Inchs depending on the kind - They will mold to any size finger size one size fits all! Comes in assorted mix. Each comes with it's own tag so perfect for resale
  • Life Like-These Finger Hands Are Made Of SOFT RUBBER-NOT HARD RUBBER So They Feel Real Soft and Kinda Creepy!
  • Party Gift-If You are Looking for a Great Secret Santa Gift-Office Party Gift-Stocking Stuffer or Just An Overall Unique Party Gag Gift and Novelty This Is It!

These are a MUCH better grade of quality vs the cheap ones you see online that are of a hard plastic that don't look real. These are a soft fleshy rubber feel to them and look incredibly real. So now you can slap five, fist bump, or show piece sign to your friends and family in creepy style! You get this is a retail display case. These are hot sellers! Perfect to hand out as party favors!