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GELLING JOKE + FART POWDER Gas Stink Prank GAG Magic Slush Water Drink Sludge

SKU: INKFROG_151891590

Listing is for a combo set of 1 package of Gelling Joke and 1 package of Fart Powder! 

  • Gelling Joke Package: YES, it really works GREAT!  Safe and non-toxic. (non edible after gelled) Simply put into any water, juice, soda, milk or coffee. Then 2 SECONDS later the entire drink turns into a nasty pile of thick Jelly sludge. This will work better than you think it's gonna! It is funny as hell to do on someone. Think of all the times you can use this prank~!
  • Fart Powder Package: Made of harmless ingredients. I have been told this works so well that it can even make you burp! Mix in any hot drink or food. The person will not even taste it. Then sit back and watch them fart away about 10 or so minutes later. It is funny as hell to do on someone :)

You get them BOTH for this amazing combo set. Each comes brand new / factory sealed