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SKUNK SCENT - Liquid Stink Spray Bottle - Classic Funny Ass Gag Prank Puke Joke

SKU: INKFROG_163489492-1
  • Each order placed is for 1  "SKUNK SCENT" Stink Spray Mister Bottle
  • Simply spray a few times indoors and watch people run! The nasty stink smell of a skunk smell seems to be as bad as it gets for people! (Do not spray directly on person, furniture, or clothing)
  • Plastic bottle measures approximately 4" inches tall and will contain 1 full ounce of clear stinky fluid inside! This does not sound like a lot but on a single bottle you can do many pranks!
  • Our spray bottles are highly potent blend and is made in the USA!  Don't be fooled by other sellers that carry the cheaper knockoff version, the ones we sell are quality & the best of the best!
  • For best results use fart spray indoors vs outdoors as indoors works a LOT better as it holds in the smell stronger and longer. The more you spray the more the smell. Takes a minute or two to fully kick in.
  • A classic prank to do to someone!