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Small Pecker Condoms & Mini Willy Weener Cleaner Soap - Adult Gag Joke Gift Set

SKU: INKFROG_101144392

Listing is for a combo set of 1 "MINI" Sized Weener Cleaner soap and 1 Tiny Pecker Condoms set

  • Mini Weener Soap: How funny is this people!! If you want the ultimate gag gift to give to someone than look no further! This is perfect for those with a "leaner weener" Personal hygiene has never been so stimulating! If the Weener Kleener ever becomes stuck, soak area with cold  Now you can get perfection cleaning that weiner of yours with this soap. Hand out for the holidays or any party and watch people crack up!
  • 3pk Small Pecker Condoms: WOW talk about small! YIKKKESS! That is scary small! Great for bachelor or bachelorette parties. This is tottaly hysterical to hand out as a gift to someone, this makes people laugh like no other gift can! Condoms is just a novelty and is NOT to be used for real sex. 

The laughs are endless. You get 1 of each kind in this combo set. Great for a gag gift, white elephant, stocking stuffer, etc.