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SQUISHY ARMADILLO - Squish Squeezable Stress Cute Figure Toy - Archie McPhee

SKU: 16INKFROG_166083356j

Listing is for 1 Squishy Armadillo

As adorable as a real Armadillo! This Squishy Armadillo gives you all the textures and awkward cuteness of an armadillo without the pointy bits. 

Our armadillo is 4-1/2" (11.4 cm) tall and made of soft rubber (TPR) filled with a viscous substance that you can squish and it will go back to its regular shape. 

You probably never thought you’d fidget with a creature that has an armored shell and claws! 

THIS IS A SUPER HIGH QUALITY ITEM! Not to be compared to a cheap squish! 

Comes in a colorful illustrated cellophane bag. Brand New/ Factory sealed. Makes a great gift.