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TEX ASS .... makers of Liquid Ass Fart Prank Stink Bomb smokey BBQ - "spray top"

SKU: INKFROG_173488992

Listing is for 1 bottle of TEX-ASS "spray top"  

At first, it smells like a caterer has just walked through with a dozen BBQ rib platters. After 10 minutes, the BBQ smell begins to dissipate and the familiar ASS stink starts to take over. BBQ Heaven or is BBQ hell? I think this is more like BBQ hell, with the scent that the BBQ you had went wrong, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrong! 

Tex-Ass is the newest of the Liquid Ass product line. A few quick sprays and it is time run the opposite way. Fans of Liquid Ass will will love this new scent for the human nose.  And best of all, like Liquid Ass, TexAss is made in the USA

A little goes a long way! This can literally clear out a class room! Made by the makers of "Liquid Ass" so YOU KNOW IT's GREAT STUFF!  

This gagging stench will have people laughing until it hurts! Trust me when I say this THIS IS THE BEST of all the stink items on the market. If you want the best, well here it is!

Great for office pranks, college pranks, April Fool's or anyone who irritates you!