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ULTIMATE 15 Gags Jokes Pranks Magic Set - Stink Bombs, Fart, Snots, Itch, etc.

SKU: INKFROG_105524089

If you are looking for the ULTIMATE in Gags Pranks Joke Magic Tricks then look no other place. That's what we are all about!

Each order placed you will get:

  • 1 Prank Rattlesnake Envelope
  • 1 Snots
  • 1 Spider Soap
  • 1 Itching Powder Pack
  • 1 Squirting Cigarette
  • 1 Kitty Crap
  • 1 Squiring Flower
  • 1 Sticky Dog Poop with flies
  • 1 Fart Cushion
  • 1 2pk Flavored Candy
  • 1 3pk Jumping Beans
  • 1 Bullet Hole
  • 1 Puff Cigar
  • 1 2pk Puff Cigarettes
  • 1 Bed Bugs

Total of 15 different assorted items! That's a whole lot of fun for any child! Endless fun doing these classic pranks on people. 

This is a way more cost effective way to get items like this vs seperatly. Some items just by itself as a single unit are as much as $9.99 online! With us you save serious $$ in this Ultimate Set of Pranks!