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100 TOTAL Eisenhower $10,000.00 Ten Thousand Money Bill Party Fake Novelty Play

SKU: INKFROG_166006770-1-1-3-1-1-1-2-1

Listing is for 100 TOTAL - $10,000.00 (ten thousand) Dollar Novelty Money Bills 

Our picture in auction DOES NO JUSTICE on how rich in color these bills are! These are GREAT to give out as party favor gifts, add a novelty bill inside with your tip money at your favorite restaurants, promotional, in holiday cards, and so much more~!! Handing these out to people is truly priceless.

Our novelty money bills are

  • Made from heavy duty paper that feels like real money! 
  • The bills even smell like real money! 
  • They're the same size as real money Same color as real money! 
  • NOT an inkjet copy, these are professionally produced to last!

Trust me when I say this....There is a lot of cheap inferior fake knock offs bills sold online. They fade and are very thin cheap paper stock and do not look real in any way. The ones you are getting are the BEST OF THE BEST IN QUALITY! We have been selling our famous novelty money bills online for 25 years and we have yet to ever have a customer not love them! You get 100 bills per order.