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1 Fart Spray Can + 3 Fart Bombs - Combo Gag Prank Set

SKU: INKFROG_225289480

Each order placed is for a combo set of 1 can of Fart Spray and 3 Fart Bombs! ~ COMBO SET

  • 1 Fart Spray Can: simply spray a few times and watch them run! Can measures approximately 5" inches. Weight is 25 grams per can. Many pranks can be done per can! High Quality item and is made in the USA!  Don't be fooled by other sellers that carry the cheaper knockoff version, the ones we sell are the best fart spray cans made!
  • 3 Fart Bombs: Consider these 3 fart bombs free on the house on top of already a awesome deal on the Fart spray can. These fart bombs are great as you squeeze them and then throw them and they will expand and pop and release a fart smell (best for indoors) These are not nearly as potent as the fart spray can but they are sure fun to use!