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1 Display Case of 36 ⭐️ Rattlesnake Eggs ⭐️ Joke & Gags Prank Gift - Brand New

SKU: INKFROG_165187542-2
  • Each order placed is for one retail dsplay case of 36 TOTAL Rattlesnake Eggs prank envelopes.
  • Just wind up the metal ring w/ rubber-band all the way, then simply insert in package holding the metal ring down, close envelope and seal.
  • Then simply mail them out with the post office or hand out to someone. When they read it, well curiosity takes over. Once opened they hear a LOUD i mean LOUD rattling BZZZZZ noise.
  • Believe me it sounds just like a real rattlesnake! I have done this prank myself to may people and I have yet to ever have someone not drop it. It's a blast and can be used over and over again~!
  • Envelopes measure 5.5" inches long, comes with all working parts inside to make then rattle, & very well made item.
  • Comes in this awesome display case for easy resale or gift giving. These will fly off the shelves!