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2pk Boobs Boobie Hand Warmers Adult Reusable Funny Secret Santa Stocking Gift

SKU: IF_D3548E2C

Listing is for one of "2pk Boobie Handwarmers" 

How funny is this! The "Handwarmer Boobs" is a humorous and quirky Christmas gift, tailor-made for those who appreciate a good laugh and a warm touch during the holiday season. These hand warmers are creatively designed in the shape of well-rounded, inviting breasts, serving as a playful and cheeky stocking stuffer or filler. Not only do they provide warmth for chilly hands, but they also bring a light-hearted and amusing twist to the gift-giving tradition. For those with a sense of humor and a desire to keep their hands snug, the Handwarmer Boobs are sure to add a memorable touch of fun

Perfect for pockets, Warm any part of your body for up to 2.5 hours! These are also re-useable. Just click on the metal disc inside the warmer, and spread the gel evenly after it solidifies while heating up. To RE-USE - Simply boil for 5 minutes until gel returns to its liquid state. 

Makes a great gag gift, stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, holiday gift,  etc.  Comes brand new in funny retail box