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2pk HAND LOTION FLASK SET with Funnel - Smuggle Your Booze Drink - COMBO SET

SKU: INKFROG_90447812-1

Each order is for ONE 2pk of assorted hand creme flasks with funnel

If you’re that hard up you need to smuggle your booze, then check out this alcohol flask set disguised as a lotions! These are extremely realistic and not suspicious. The Smuggle Your Booze have create a sneaky way to get the job done. You get one 6 oz bottle and one 3.3 ounce. This comes WITH a handy funnel to make it super easy to fill. It EVER COMES WITH the peel of protective caps that go over top seal so if someone thought this was fake they would see it is sealed and not open it! PERFECT to help get you in!

  • Concerts, Sporting Events, Cruises, Hotel Pools, Festivals, Amusement Parks, Golfing or EVERYWHERE!
  • Comes in Gift Box
  • A HIGH quality item! 

Made by Smuggle Your Booze Inc. which is the original makers of these so please be aware of cheap inferior knockoffs sold online. Come brand new / factory sealed in retail packaging - Perfect for giving as a gift!