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36 Stink Bombs + 1 Itching Itch Powder Pack - COMBO GaG Prank Joke Set

SKU: INKFROG_228003075

36 TOTAL glass stink bombs: Comes in a display case has 12 inner boxes of 3 glass stink bombs. Stink bombs are sure to gross out your intended victims. Just throw them on the ground and watch everybody run. YES, I really mean run~! These smell just like rotten eggs - BUT WORSE! Buy multiple cases and save on shipping as you will want to do this prank many times~! Any stink item always works best indoors vs. outdoors, the more you use the stronger the smell, the smaller the space the more it will stink. 

1 Package of Itching Powder: Just sprinkle this down someone's back and watch them itch like crazy! A hilarious prank! This classic prank has been around for almost 30 years and why? Because it really works! Each package contains a small pinch inside of the magical dust fibers. Use sparingly.... a little powder goes a long way so you can do a few pranks on a single package. The more they rub there skin the more it will wind up itching. Or get even more creative and mix some in your girlfriends body lotion bottle! The itch feeling will eventually go away or simply use water to wash off Completely safe organic fibers inside that is non toxic

Now you get both items for the ultimate pranks!