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BIGFOOT UNDERPANT Sasquatch Giant Size 80" Waist Underwear - Archie McPhee

SKU: 16INKFR78686786888888

Listing is for 1 Giant Bigfoot Underpant! 


Picture this; your friend is out looking for Bigfoot, rounds a corner and finds Bigfoot Underpants. They might be credulous at first, but what proof is there that these are Bigfoot’s underpants? 

Well, besides the giant size 80" inch (203 cm) waist, sensible 100% cotton material, and roomy front double flap, it also has Bigfoot’s name and picture printed on the elastic waistband. 

This is what Bigfoot wears to formal occasions. Makes a great gift! 

Comes brand new in clear acetate box with illustrated insert.