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DUCK WITH A DICK - Really? What WTF????????

SKU: INKFROG_164768396

Listing is for 1 "Duck with a Dick"

  • Ok ok ok so we sell 1,400 and out of all those items we feel this is by far the funiest item we carry.
  • Its one hell of a naughty bath toy! It's a rubber ducky....................with a dick!
  • Get naughty during your next soak by making this rubber duck with a dick your new bathtime buddy.
  • Above the water, the duckie looks like any run-of-the-mill rubber duck. However, when you peek below you’re met with a big surprise.
  • Whether you fancy adding a well-endowed duck to your bathtime routine, or giving a gag gift that won’t be soon forgotten, this cocky cutie is sure to make a splash.
  • Adults only please. Measures approx: 5" x 4" x 4" inches.
  • Comes brand new in funny retail display box.
  • Perfect for giving as a gift for holidays, birthday, etc. You will get MAJOR LAUGHS when giving this gift out to someone!!!