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Funny Booty Out White Tee Shirt T-Shirt Adult Women Ladies Butt Bum Crack GaG

SKU: INKFROG_235897345-3

Each order placed is for 1 Adult "Booty Shirt"  

How cool is this!  The "Booty" graphic is printed on the lower part of T-Shirt, The "Torn Rip part" is sewn on and hangs off shirt. Watch the men go crazy when you wear this out in public! It will get so many laughs when they soon realize it is not your butt! 

BE AWARE OF CHEAP KNOCK-OFF's, Ours is made by "Forum Novelties Inc" Which is the original maker. We sell authentic items only. Looks so real! Comes brand new / factory sealed.  Makes a great gift

  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
  • Hand Wash
  • Booty Tee costume shirt
  • Creates the appearance of an exposed derriere
  • Standard size fits most women