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Nana's Boobie Knitted Beer Can Bottle Cooler Holder + 1 Grow Boobs ~ COMBO SET

SKU: INKFROG_147633331-14

Each order is for 1 Boobies Beer Holder and 1 Grow your own boobs ~ Combo set! 

  • "Nana's knitted boobies" Beer Cooler Koozie If you want attention then this is it! This is just perfect for you on a hot summer day with your beer! Helps keep your cold can or bottle beverage super cold while keeping your hands warm and dry! This is a MUST for any of you beer drinking dudes. Pick up some extra ones because everyone that sees it will want yours! This is a great quality item and really gives that homemade grandma feel to
  • "Grow your own Boobs" No need for plastic surgery! You can now grow your own pair of boobs. And guys you finnaly can have what you want at all times! Makes a great gift for a Bachelorette or Bachelor party! Measures 2" inches and can grow in water up to 600% larger! Just add water and watch it grow! Once your done leave it out and it will shrink back to the original size, so you can use this over and over again! 

You get BOTH per order placed. Each comes brand new in retail packaging so it is perfect for handing out as gifts.